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Detecting toxic mold is never an “exact science,” so when you need your Naples Florida home or building tested; you need to rely on true professionals like the environmental pros at Rapid Mold Removal. Whether you are looking into buying a house or renting an office building in Naples Florida, mold testing may be required to obtain insurance or maybe required by the financing agency prior to buying or renting. Begin the testing process by having Rapid Mold Removal of Naples FL perform a thorough mold inspection for you. Mold inspection of the Collier County dwelling should be done on an annual basis, as a preventative measure. In Naples Florida, the mold inspection may be done by oneself or by a certified mold contractor. If you hire a company that is reliable to do the mold testing, they will have tools to look into places one would never think to look.

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In Naples Florida; attics, basements, crawl spaces, and damp areas are prone to mold and mildew growth. But, also plumbing leaks, air conditioner coils, and ducts are places where a good mold inspection can determine if extensive testing is necessary. After a thorough mold inspection is done throughout the Naples FL house, there will be spore detection sampling and other mold testing performed to determine the extent of the problem. People who simply purchase an inexpensive kit are at a disadvantage to those who hire a mold testing company in Naples, Florida to come in and do an evaluation. Mold detection samples can be captured during any season and mold testing can be completed quickly so there can be a rapid mitigation plan implemented.

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When conducting Naples Florida mold detection; one needs to be knowledgeable about the various colonies of spore types such as Stachybotrys, Epicoccum, and Ulocladium. Test kits are cheap, but for the most accurate mold inspections; qualified companies like Rapid Mold Removal of Naples FL should get involved. Once the source of mold has been detected, the next step will be the mold testing procedures. A mold test can be quite extensive, but the health benefits of identifying and remediating the issue is priceless to you and your Naples Florida family.

For health reasons, mold testing is a crucial part of owning a home or commercial building in Collier County. Mold testing will encompass many samples taken from several areas. Many of these areas are inaccessible to an average occupant but could still pose risk. In Naples, Florida mold grows at different rates with different weather conditions so mold detection isn’t always as simple as “just testing.” Mold testing will determine if the mold is dangerous or not and when it is; you should consider remediation. This means to remedy the mold situation and improve the condition of the Naples FL homestead.

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With the mold remediation process, you can now begin to implement processes to stop the mold damage and, if needed, remove the mold-infestation. Mold remediation has several stages and the Naples Florida abatement professional will offer several options as to how to proceed. To complete mold remediation, the final phase in removal process will be the post-mitigation testing. This is the final inspection that verifies that the abatement was successful and the mold is gone.

In the world of environmental engineering, there is both “old school” as well as modern technology. When mold testing and remediation first began in Naples Florida, the removal process consisted of sanding with pads and wire brushes, it has advanced over the years and now mildew removal includes and is not limited to sand blasting, fogging, spray over, baking soda blasting and dry ice blasting. Most Naples FL professionals would recommend a combination of mold testing and removal procedures to assure that the entire process has been completed accurately and thoroughly.

In summary: from the first detection test to the final cleanup after the mold has been removed, there are very strict Collier County guidelines that need to be followed to ensure a happy, healthy home for you and your Naples FL family!