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Why Removing Mold From Your Portland OR Basement is Crucial to Your Family's Health

Mold is a fungus that that invades Portland Oregon homes, schools and businesses. It thrives on surfaces that it can feed from such as: drywall, wooden joists, studs, clothing and cardboard boxes. It loves environments that are warm, damp and humid. Mold reproduces by making spores that can rapidly spread throughout the Portland OR dwelling within a 48 to 72 hour time period. Basement mold is the most common area to find the fungi in Portland, Oregon. It is a threat to humans and can trigger respiratory problems, irritants and allergens.


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In some cases mold has been associated with cancer, brain damage and even death. If basement mold is suspected it is very important to quickly take a course of action that ensures the safe removal of the biological hazard. The best approach is to hire a company in Portland Oregon that specializes in mold remediation, for a professional service has the training and equipment to ensure mold in basements are safely removed. Basement mold is introduced into the region through moisture. Mold is very crafty and will find a way to enter the Multnomah County structure by using small gaps, crawlspace and openings that may be hard to detect. Basement mold is notorious and has a habit of rapid development without detection.

In Portland OR, some ways basement mold is initiated includes: malfunctioning HVAC systems; flooding; broken or cracked pipes; faulty plumbing; aftermath of fire; forgotten trash; and more. A small amount of basement mold can spawn into a mass infestation because basement temperatures are attractive to fungal elements. Mold in Multnomah County basements are not confined to the sub-grade area. Most people do not know that 40 percent of the air we breathe emanates from a basement or crawlspace. The movement of air from low to high places is called the stack effect. This process pulls air upwards and distributes it throughout a dwelling potentially transporting hazardous mold spores. 

One of the most common and feared types of mold in Portland Oregon basements are black mold. Certain species of black mold can be toxic and pose a health hazard to pets and humans. Its appearance is generally slimy and greenish-black in color and it is known to have a musty, mildew odor.

Black mold in Multnomah County basements are considered especially threatening to infants and the elderly who have preexisting respiratory problems. For all humans, it can trigger health conditions such as: memory loss; kidney discomfort; immune system suppression; eye, nose and mouth irritation; vomiting; and diarrhea.


Black mold in Portland, OR basements can be deadly if proper remediation and removal applications are not initiated. Mold cannot be painted or caulked over. The only effective method of Portland Oregon mold removal is remediation procedures. Any type of basement mold, even nontoxic species, should not be taken lightly, for nontoxic mold can make you sick. Mold in basements should be addressed swiftly by using professional remediation services for guaranteed removal. In Portland OR, it is possible to remove small amounts of mold with specific household solutions.

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