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Mold in Greensboro NC House..Keehr Fungus Remediation

Why Removing Mold From Your Greensboro North Carolina Home Can Prevent Serious Illnesses

Mold in homes is one of the most dangerous types of bacteria to humans for many reasons. First of all, the effects of mold in Greensboro NC homes are often not known until the damage has already been done. Second, mold is often hard to locate in houses and does not have any signs that can alert Guilford County people of its presence. Another reason that mold in homes is so dangerous is that it can pop up anywhere there is moisture. This means that many Greensboro North Carolina homes can be susceptible to mold infestation without the owners even realizing it.


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There are many different types of molds that can be found in various parts of homes in addition to different Classes of mold. The Classes of molds can range from A to C, depending on how hazardous the molds are to health. Household mold in Greensboro, North Carolina essentially belong in three Class ranging from A to C. A Class A mold is extremely hazardous to health and should be dealt with immediately. In a perfect world, Class A molds should never be present in Guilford County homes where people currently live.

If there are people in the Greensboro NC home where Class A molds are currently alive, the problem should be dealt with immediately or the people should be asked to leave. A Class B mold is one that can cause allergies or long term damage to human organs. In Guilford County, a Class B mold should still be dealt with, but is not necessarily an immediate danger. If a person spends a couple of hours in the Greensboro North Carolina home where Class B molds are present, no immediate effects will be shown.

Finally, a Class C mold is one that poses no risk to human health. However, a Class C mold will still cause economic damage to the Guilford County building, and due to this fact should be taken care of as soon as possible. It is important to keep in mind that these Classes of mold in homes are guidelines, and the truth is: mold will appear on a spectrum scale within these Classes. There are certain areas of the Greensboro NC home where more dangerous types of molds can grow.



When many people think of mold growing in a home, they envision a dark and musty basement that has never seen the light of day. However, one of the best places for Class A molds to grow is actually a flower pot in a home.

There are two types of molds, Aspergillus Niger and Aspergillus flavus that are both Class A molds that can be found in flower pots within Greensboro North Carolina houses. If you have a flower pot in your home do not just go throw it out due to mold concerns.


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