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There are some important steps to follow when effectively removing mold from the crawl space areas of your Greensboro North Carolina home. The first step in the process of remediation of mold in your crawl space is to simply see if there is any mold visibly present because if you simply approach the process “blindly”, you could cause serious damage to your Greensboro NC home. Always to make sure that you wear protective clothing so you will not have a chance of infection from coming in contact with mold in the crawl space. The second step in order to begin the removal of mold is to prepare.

You can run an air handler fan to dry any surface moisture from the area that will be treated. This will result in a dry, comfortable environment in which to work within the Guilford County home. The third step toward crawl space mold remediation is the chemical application. All you have to do is to use one of the approved chemicals, liquid spray or foam spray. The sprays are involved in the remediation process of the mold, not the removal of it in your Greensboro North Carolina crawl space. Removing the mold from the surface of the crawl space can be achieved by scrubbing with a HEPA-vacuum.

The fourth step involves the remediation of hyphae which is also known as “toxic” mold in your Guilford County crawl space. This step is only necessary when there are hyphae for a certain period of time. We need to use a surface blaster in order to have the full blast removal and remediation of hyphae off the surface. In Greensboro, NC the last step in order for you to keep the results removal and remediation treatment permanent is the dry-out process. We use dehumidifiers, which involve the removal of moisture-borne hyphae from your crawl space. We also ensure adequate ventilation and recommend that you check your crawl space every month in winter days in Guilford County.

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You might want to check humidity levels periodically depending on the weather. Furthermore, in Greensboro North Carolina mold has a higher chance of surviving in the spring, early summer, and sometimes fall. This is because of the fact that fall temperatures go from hot to cold.

For this reason, you also need to maintain proper ventilation year-round. The reason why removal of hyphae is needed in Greensboro, NC is because it can be extremely dangerous when inhaled.